HL-EC-57 125Khz T5577 card encoder

Works with management software to program key cards
and configure locks. Manage guest checking-in, checking-out, etc.
(Management software is for free.)

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Chip Frequency



PC's USB Port

Working Voltage


USB driver

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140*102*15 mm

Product Details

Three Types For Option: (Same appearance, different chip)
1) With 125KHz frequency chip, work with T5557 card.
2) With 125Khz frequency chip, work with EM4305 card.
2) With 13.6MHz frequency chip, work with Mifare 1K card.

If the key card is used only for opening door, T5577 or EM-4305 card system will be enough.
If the key card is for multifunctional purpose instead of just opening a door, such as for consumption system,
parking system, access control system and so on, you need to choose Mifare 1K card system.

V9 hotel lock encoder has three different types.

Function of cards:
All modern hotels use cards to open locks.
It is used to replace the traditional mechanical key
and make open more convenient, more interesting.
Read card to open door
Insert card into energy saving switch to gain power

Hotel Logo and information can be printed on the card. (Silk Printing)
We can design the artwork for free. You just need to send the logo file to us.

We can provide a registration code and key cards for all types of V9 encoders.

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