What we can do for V9 hotel lock system.

Before we set up this website, we had a youtube channel . We have uploaded operation guide of hotel lock system on the channel.
Over the years we met thousands of hoteliers or hotel lock encoder.
The one with the highest frequency question is how to get a new registration code to activate their card encoder.

I am so surprised whenever I encounter such a problem. Why his suppliers didn’t give the lifetime registration code to him? Why did the supplier lose touch? I know very clear how trouble the hotel front desk will encounter, once the encoder registration code expired. Guests only can open their lock by mechanical key. And it will affect the check-in and settlement of hotel customers.
At the same time, COVID-19 has caused huge losses to the hotel industry. All hotel owners don’t want to lose more because of the the hotel lock management system prpblem.

I want to say here that we can solve all the problems with V9 hotel lock system. Including reactivating the V9 USB enocder, provide new and valid cards, provide main board of lock.

We can solve your problem in the most economical way.
If you have a similar problem, you can contact us.

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